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Surgical Delivery Pack

Surgical Pregnancy Delivery Kit Manufacturer From China

Model No. : SOGP-0623-NBD
Brand Name : C&P

A disposable delivery surgical pack is a set of equipment and supplies used by medical professionals during the surgical procedure. The baby delivery kit usually includes sterile gowns, leggings, under buttock drapes, baby blankets, gloves, and other necessary tools. The purpose...
Vaginal Hysterectomy Pack

Sterile Vaginal Hysterectomy Surgical Drape Pack

Model No. : LC2101DP
Brand Name : MJN

All of our vaginal hysterectomy surgical packs are designed and manufactured in accordance with global standards and ensure maximum safety and comfort in medical environments. Details are as follows: 1. Material: Hydrophilic PP+PE, viscose+PE, SMS, PP, spunlace non woven 2. Sterile: EO 3. Color...
Delivery Pack

China Disposable OB Delivery Procedure Drape Pack Kit

US $ 8.7

Model No. : 213521
Brand Name : MJN

The vaginal delivery procedure pack includes everything required for medical vaginal-birth delivery procedures. All contents are completely latex-free to curtail any allergic reactions from both the patient and the attendant medical personnel. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic PP+P...
Delivery Drape Pack

Disposable Medical Maternity Delivery Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 6.83

Model No. : 30209
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable Natural Labour Surgical Pack Medical Delivery Drape Pack The sterile delivery surgical pack is made of high-quality raw materials, which are purchased from authentic suppliers on the market. It is clean, healthy, safe, and convenient to use with economical price. Moreover, clients ...

Medical Disposable Baby Birth Surgical Delivery Drape Kits

US $ 6.9

Model No. : 30207
Brand Name : MJN

The disposable delivery surgical pack is specially designed for baby birth operation, it comprises all necessary components before and after baby delivery. The medical natural labour drape pack places all the things needed in the convenient position of vaginal delivery, thus saving the importa...
Maternal Delivery Pack

CE ISO Approved Disposable Maternal Delivery Surgical Pack

US $ 10.6

Model No. : SE211015
Brand Name : MJN

Our maternity delivery pack is designed to assist in the delivery of babies outside a hospital environment. Our delivery pack contains all the required materials to deliver a child safely. The contents are sealed in one sterile pack for single use. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic...
Baby Delivery Kit

Single Use Sterile Surgical Delivery Pack

Model No. : SS2102DP
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable surgical delivery kits are specifically developed for infant delivery procedures and are widely used in various hospitals. It contains all the necessary items for delivery, provides comfort, and effectively prevents cross infection of bacteria in hospital rooms. Its main characteris...
Hospital Use Disposable Newborn Care Surgical Drape Pack Kits

Hospital Use Disposable Newborn Care Surgical Drape Pack Kits

US $ 2.1

Model No. : YA1209
Brand Name : MJN

The disposable newborn care drape kit can effectively provide protection for babies, pregnant women and staff during obstetric surgery. You can assemble customized accessories according to the requirements of the surgery. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic PP+PE, viscose+PE, SMS, PP...

Disposable SMS Nonwoven Delivery Surgery Drape Kits Supplier

US $ 8.3

Model No. : JYH2105OB
Brand Name : MJN

The main accessories of the baby delivery pack include under buttock drape, surgical drape, leggings, gauze, bowls, medicine cups, wrap, etc. The surgical pack has strong liquid absorption ability, which prevents liquids such as amniotic fluid generated during the production process from contaminat...
Baby Delivery Pack

Top Quality Sterile Baby Birth Delivery Surgical Pack

Model No. : KN210302
Brand Name : MJN

Consisting of an absorbent layer and an impermeable film for extremely high barrier strength and optimal fluid control, our vaginal delivery packs are designed for infant delivery with components that simplify the delivery process. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic PP+PE,...

Total 24 Products Showing 1 - 10

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