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EO Sterile Disposable Urology TUR Surgical Drape Pack Kit

Model No. : MD-70730
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable sterile TUR surgical drape pack is designed specially for the urology surgery operation. The urology surgical pack is used for one-time protection during the surgery conducted by the department of a medical therapy unit and it  supports customization according to the customer's draw...
Disposable Incise Film Urology Surgical Drape

Disposable Incise Film Urology Surgical Drape

US $ 2.1

Model No. : 600407
Brand Name : MJN

Size:320x213cm   Material :PE74gsm,with a pouch  sterile  

TUR drape

US $ 6

Brand Name : MJN
Country of Origin : China

  1. Material:PE film+nonwoven fabric 2. Color:green or blue 3. size:266.7*222.98cm with fenestration 4. Function:   1.)Isolation Isolating dirty, contaminated areas from clean areas.   2.)Barrier Preventing fluid penetration.     3) Sterile Surface Creat...

Total 3 Products Showing 1 - 3

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