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C-section Surgical Pack

Medical Disposable C-section Birth Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 12.7

Model No. : 213520
Brand Name : MJN

Medical cesarean section drape pack is made of medical-grade professional non-woven material, the fabric is lightweight, soft and comfortable. The cesarean section surgery pack can effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria, forming an isolation barrier between the parturient and medi...
Cesarean Section Pack

Disposable Sterile Surgical C-Section Birth Pack

Model No. : 20180329
Brand Name : MJN

The excellent caesarean section pack provides effective fluid management for obstetrics, gynecology and caesarean section procedures. They provide effective liquid collection, easy cleaning and disposal, while reducing the risk of staff and patients coming into contact with blood and body flui...
C-section Drape Pack

Sterile Disposable Caesarean Delivery Surgical Drape Kit

Model No. : 190121
Brand Name : MJN

C-section packs provide effective fluid management for obstetrics, gynecology and C-sections procedures. They provide efficient fluid collection, easy cleanup and disposal, while reducing the risk of staff and patient exposure to blood and body fluids. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hy...
C-section Pack

CE ISO Approved Disposable Cesarean Section Surgery Drape Kit

Model No. : MDCSOO2P-4
Brand Name : MJN

The package used for cesarean section is sterilized and made by medical non-woven cloth SMS. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic PP+PE, viscose+PE, SMS, PP, spunlace non woven 2. Sterile: EO 3. Color: Green, Blue 4. Certificate: CE, ISO13485, EN13795 5. Packing: 1pc/sterile pack,...
Disposable Cesarean Section Pack

Absorbent Disposable Cesarean Section Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 11.66

Model No. : 30102
Brand Name : MJN

Absorbent Cesarean Drape Pack Disposable Cesarean Section Surgical Pack The  sterile c-section pack   is made of non-woven material, which is disposable, cleaner, healthier, safer, convenient and affordable. The  medical baby birth kits   is produced in 100000 grade clean room ...
Cesarean Pack

Sterile Disposable Gynecology C-section Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 9.58

Model No. : 600539
Brand Name : MJN

Sterile C-section Drape Pack Disposable Gynecology Surgical Pack The   medical cesarean section drape pack  is safe and reliable, and strictly conforms to the relevant quality standards at home and abroad. The whole production process, from raw materials to finished p...

Waterproof Sterile Gynecology Cesarean Section Birth Drape

Model No. : RT42-07-027
Brand Name : MJN

The sterile c-section drape is a one-time surgical drape for cesarean section. It covers the surgical area and offers a self-adhesive square opening with an integrated incise film. It has excellent barrier and anti-infection properties. The c-section surgical drape has an integrated fluid collectio...
Caesarean Section Pack

Medical Disposable Cesarean Section Drape Kits

Model No. : 20170116
Brand Name : MJN

Our caesarean section packs are highly protective, fluid absorbent and repellent for patient safety and staff comfort. They are packaged sterile to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic PP+PE, viscose+PE, SMS, PP, spunlace non wo...

Medical Product Sterile Baby Birth C-section Surgical Drape Sheet

US $ 4.37

Model No. : 190808MH
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable cesarean drape is made of non woven fabric which is soft, conformable ultra thin and easily applied to the skin. The sterile c-section surgical drape is also flexible, air permeable and 100% impervious to liquids and anti- bacteria. It can effectively prevent the drape fro...
C-section pack

Disposable Medical Gynecology C-Section Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 11.9

Model No. : OC190527
Brand Name : MJN

The sterile baby birth surgical pack is a series of surgical drapes, surgical gowns , gauze, back table covers, syringes and other materials and tools in one package, reducing the preparation time of surgical materials and searching time of various materials in medical institutions. ...

Total 24 Products Showing 1 - 10

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