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Sterile Surgical Reinforced Back Table Cover

Model No. : 20170726
Brand Name : C&P

This OR table cover helps to prevent cross-contamination by creating a protective barrier between the table and the patient. Due to the material combination used, this sheet is liquid impervious and completely latex-free to prevent irritation. Details are as follows: 1. Material: Hydrophilic PP+P...
Hospital Sterile Back Table Cover Waterproof

Hospital Sterile Back Table Cover Waterproof

Model No. : 010021
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable table covers drapes are sterile and disposable to reduce cross-contamination. Standardized absorbent reinforcement material in critical zones creates a more consistent look, feel and experience for clinicians.

Disposable Waterproof Back Table Cover

Model No. : KDL2108TC
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable back table cover is sterile and has good water absorption. It can be used as the operation cover, emergency sheet, protective sheet under lambs, bed sheet. It provide optimal safety and infection control during all surgical operation.
Disposable ERCP-Trolley drape REF

Disposable Surgical ERCP Trolley Drape

US $ 0.84

Model No. : DD600847
Brand Name : C&P

Disposable ERCP-Trolley Drape, with 3 pockets, transparent on a viscose non-woven Size:75x100cm Three pockets for forceps and tools. Fixed from 3 different location for high stability. High liquid absorption with a special structure. Extra strong adhesive fixation tapes. Latex free. Steril...
Back Table Cover

Disposable Back Table Cover

US $ 1.53

Model No. : 600073
Brand Name : MJN

150x190cm,Individually packed,EO sterile

Total 5 Products Showing 1 - 5

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