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Universal Surgical Pack

Surgical Disposable Universal Split Drape Pack Kits

Model No. : UTYBS0603
Brand Name : C&P

General surgical packs provide protection for the broadest range of surgical procedures with a variety of comprehensive auxiliary surgical drapes. These surgical drapes are packaged together to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up, and are suitable for a universal draping system ...
Universal Pack

China Disposable General Surgical Pack For Orthopedic Procedure

Model No. : DI210405
Brand Name : MJN

We provide you with high quality disposable universal surgical pack to save time and reduce the cost of your operating room setup. Sterile universal packs improve efficiency and productivity, providing solutions to help you focus on the most important patients. Details are as follow...
General Surgical Pack

Medical SMS General Surgery Universal Drape Pack

US $ 9

Model No. : 213518
Brand Name : MJN

The disposable universal drape pack is used in general surgery and sterile fields, and can create a sterile area immediately when performing general surgery. It can save time and reduce the cost of operating room setup. Our extensive packaging series are designed to meet the necessity of surgery an...
Universal Surgical Pack

Medical Sterile Universal Drape Pack For Hospital

US $ 6.65

Model No. : 10127
Brand Name : MJN

The universal sterile surgical pack contains all necessary components for before and after surgical operation. It saves time and purchasing cost for the customer. Components: 2pcs   Adhesive Bottom Drape 150x240cm 2pcs   Adhesive Top Drape 180x180cm 4pcs   Adh...
General Surgical Pack

EO Sterile Disposable General Universal Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 8.58

Model No. : 10103
Brand Name : MJN

CE ISO Certified Sterile   Universal Drape  General   Surgical   Pack The sterile general surgical pack has prepared a comprehensive auxiliary surgical drape for various operations, which is suitable for most of the operation needs. These surgical drape...
General Surgery Pack

High Performance Disposable Universal Surgery Drape Kits

Model No. : CP202104
Brand Name : MJN

Our general surgery kit adopts high-quality raw materials of international medical standards and is specially designed for various general surgical procedures in hospital operating room. They are also packed sterile to save time and reduce the costs of operating room set-up. Details are as follows...
Central Venous Catheter Pack

High Quality Disposable Central Venous Catheter Drape Kit Set Supplier

US $ 4.8

Model No. : GK2109CVC
Brand Name : MJN

Sterile Central Venous Catheter Kit is available in different lengths, outside diameters, lumens and complete set configurations, meeting stringent demands of both healthcare professionals and patients. Our central venous catheter (CVC) surgical pack provides patients and clinicians with a simple, ...
General Surgical Pack

Disposable Medical Universal Surgical Drape Pack Kits Manufacturer

US $ 9.7

Model No. : DP210518
Brand Name : MJN

The general surgical pack can provide surgical drapes with water absorbent reinforcement sheet during the operation, which can provide patients with liquid isolation protection and a high level of patient comfort. Details are as follows: 1. Material: hydrophilic PP+PE, viscose+PE, SMS, PP, spunla...
Universal Surgery Pack

Disposable Universal Surgical General Surgery Drape Pack

Model No. : PM2110GP
Brand Name : MJN

For the widest range of surgical procedures, our universal surgical packs have got you covered. They are sterile packaged to save time and reduce the cost of operating room setup. Universal drape packs improve efficiency and productivity, providing solutions that help you focus on the patients. De...
General Surgery Pack

Sterile Universal General Surgery Drape Pack

US $ 4.29

Model No. : 600421
Brand Name : MJN

Sterile General Surgical Pack Disposable Universal Drape Pack The general surgery pack is made of high-quality non-woven materials. The product is non irritant, non-toxic, odorless and has no side effects on human body. The surgical universal pack can effectively absorb exudate...

Total 20 Products Showing 1 - 10

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