Urology Surgical Pack

Medical Urology Set Disposable TUR Surgical Pack

Sterile urology drape kits are used for one-time protection during the surgery conducted by the department of a medical therapy unit and they create a sterile operative environment by aseptic application of sterile materials. They are easy to operate, easy to spread and improve the working efficiency of medical institutions. The general urology surgical pack supports customization according to the customer's drawings and requirements. 

Product Pictures

  • Urology Surgical Pack

  • TUR Drape

  • Back Table Cover

  • Hand Towel

Product  Features

* Customized sizes: to meet the different requirement

* New Material optimized: to keep the cost efficient

* New Content optimized: to keep the surgeon saving time

* New Sterilized packaging: to ensure the safe of the products

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1. We have basic universal pack, U-split sheet, hip pack, knee arthroscopy pack, extremity pack, urinary drape pack, T. U. R. pack, cystoscopy pack, brain-surgery pack, gynecological pack, caesarean pack, lithotomy pack, ophthalmology drape pack.

2. We can produce the drapes with all kinds of wide, color, weight.

3. We can laminate with two or three layers

4. We have assorted production lines

5. Good after sale service. We take care your complaints as we would like to be your long-term supplier!

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