Cardiovascular Surgical Pack

Sterile Nonwoven Cardiovascular Surgical Pack Disposable Cardiovascular Surgical Pack

Medical supplies cardiovascular surgical set is made of non-woven medical materials and is suitable for adult cardiac surgery, it can be used directly without secondary disinfection. The SMS non-woven cardiovascular surgical kit keeps both surgeon and patient dry throughout the operation and reduces the potential hazard of fluid on electrical equipment, it is designed for quick and easy to use.

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  • Cardiovascular Drape

  • Reinforced Surgical Gown

  • Adhesive Side Drape

  • Surgical Drape

  • Mayo Stand Cover

  • Suture Bag

  • Hand Towel

  • Shoe Cover

Product Features

1. Made of excellent non-woven material.

2. Breathable ,light weight, Antistatic, non-absorbent, durability, economical, elegant and good looking.

3. Environmental protection and easy relaxed.

4. It is compactly folded in strip easily open to shape.

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  • 14 years experience, surgical drapes, surgical packs, surgical gown, equipment covers and other disposable non woven medical products.
  • We set up 100000 grade standard clean room(ISO8) space.
  • Excellent packaging and warehousing facilities
  • Custom Designed Surgical Drapes & Packs, OEM supplier
  • Flexible base material options for drape
  • Timely execution of orders
  • Competitive pricing

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