Cesarean Section Pack

CE ISO13485 Surgical Sterile C-Section Pack Caesarean Section Pack

The cesarean surgery pack is non-irritant, odorless, and has no side effects for the human body. The surgical cesarean pack can effectively absorb wound exudate and prevent bacterial invasion. The c-section surgical drape is used to lay on the patient during c-section to form a sterile area for operation. It can prevent cross infection between medical staff and patients. Baby blanket is used for wrapping babies; The treatment towel is used at the surgical incision and the covering on the surgical instruments.

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  • Cesarean Section Pack
  • Cesarean Section Drape
  • Surgical Gown
  • Baby Blanket
  • Mayo Stand Cover
  • Gauze
  • Suction Tube
  • Under Pad
  • Hand Towel
  • Cord Clamp
  • Suture Bag
  • Abdominal Pad Gauze X-ray Detectable
  • Placenta Basin
  • Wrap
  • Back Table Cover

Product Features



*Natural latex free

*Against splatter of blood

*Breathable and soft

*Can be biodegradatio



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