Surgical Ophthalmic Drape Pack General Refractive Eye Surgery Kits

The disposable eye surgical pack with EO sterilized produced by non-woven fabrics,  eye surgical drape used to cover the rest of the body parts leaving the eye area exposed for surgical operation, it provides a high-quality protection for every surgery. They are widely used in the hospital ophthalmic operation. Customized size and hole size for ophthalmology is available.

Product Pictures

  • Opthalmic Surgical Pack

  • Eye Surgical Drape

  • Surgical Gown

  • Nurse Gown

  • Eye Patch

  • Eye Shield

  • Syringe

  • Medical Cup

  • Dressing Forceps

Product Functions

  • Isolating dirty,contaminated areas from clean areas.
  • Barrier:Preventing fluid penetration.
  • Sterile Surface:Creating a sterile surface on the skin which acts as a barrier to prevent skin flora from migrating to the incision site.
  • Sterile field: Creating a sterile operative environment by aseptic application of sterile materials.
  • Fluid Control:Channeling and collecting body and irrigation fluids
  • Equipment draping: Allowing non-sterile equipment to be brought into the sterile field

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