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Angiography Pack

Disposable Femoral Angiography Drape Pack

US $ 19.86

Model No. : SMK37-AP-MDH
Brand Name : MJN

Femoral Angiography Sterile  Pack   Coronary Angiography Package The  medical angiography sterile pack   is composed of aseptic and high-quality components. All components are carefully selected and assembled, and conform to ISO, CE certification and EN13795 standards. The comp...
cardiovascular drape pack

Medical Sterile Cardiovascular Surgical Drape Pack

Model No. : 190530
Brand Name : MJN

The disposable cardiovascular surgical pack is used in the cardiovascular surgery operating room. The product is non irritant, non-toxic, and has no peculiar smell and side-effects on human body. The medical use cardiovascular drape pack can improve the convenience, efficiency and sa...
Radiology Kit

Disposable Sterile Radiology Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 19.4

Model No. : SMK-RK2
Brand Name : MJN

Medical radiology drape kits are used to limit contamination of the surgical wound, the surgical instruments and the surgeon’s hands. To be effective, the drape should at a minimum cover all or nearly all of the people and enough of the surrounding area to avoid accidental contamination.T...
Cardiovascular pack

Sterile Disposable Cardiovascular Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 13.7

Model No. : MF280101
Brand Name : MJN

Medical supplies cardiovascular surgical set is made of non-woven medical materials and is suitable for adult cardiac surgery, it can be used directly without secondary disinfection. The SMS non-woven cardiovascular surgical kit keeps both surgeon and patient dry throughout the operation and reduce...
Angiography Drape Pack

Disposable EO Sterile Femoral Angiography Drape pack

US $ 30.8

Model No. : SMK23-APTMC
Brand Name : MJN

EO sterile Angiography surgical   drape pack is made of medical materials for four - hole operation.   Specific size can be more customer requirements, to ensure the use of the hospital. Components: No. Item Qty 1 II  sheet round shape 1pc 2 Shield&nbs...
Angiography Drape Pa

Femoral Angiography Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 13.6

Model No. : INT-6000-08
Brand Name : MJN

9pcs 65x40cm 45gsm SMS drape w/adhesive 4pcs 40x40cm hand towels 60gsm 4pcs 10x50cm OP tape 2pcs rein surgical gown XL 2pcs stand surgical gown XXL 2pcs Foot cover 35x30cm 2pc  Shoes cover 1pc  160x200cm SMS drape w/adhesive 1pc  240x160cm Cardiac U Split drape with adhesive and rein...
Angiography Set

Angiography Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 4.71

Model No. : ST104122
Brand Name : MJN

1pc Back Table Cover 150x190cm 1pc Angiography Drape with 2 excentric, adhesive-edged, incise foil-edged,  6 X 9 cm aperture covered by protective paper with an integral PE foil on one side, with reinforced (highly absorbent) patch 203x325cm
Angiography Drapes Pack

Angiography Drapes Pack

US $ 12.5

Model No. : 60101
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable Sterile Angiography Drapes Pack (Code:60101)   QTY Product Size 1pc Back Table Cover 140x190cm 1pc Outer Wrap  90x90cm  1pc Femoral Angiography Drape, femoral fenestration Ø12cm,incision film , absorbent reinforcement 80x 100cm 200x330cm   1pc ...

Dispsosable Sterile Angiography Set

US $ 26.8

Model No. : 60102
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable Sterile Angiography Kit (Code:60102)   QTY Product Size 1pc Trolley cover  300x160cm 1pc Femoral Angiography Drape,femoral fenestration Ø12cm,incision film 210x290cm  1pc Angiography syringe 100ml   1pc High pressure stopcock   4pcs Scissor...
Dispsosable Sterile Cath-Lab Kit

Dispsosable Sterile Cath-Lab Kit

US $ 12.5

Model No. : 60104
Brand Name : MJN

Disposable Sterile Angiography Kit(Code:60104)   QTY Product Size 1pc Back Table cover  140x150cm 1pc Femoral Angiography Drape,femoral fenestration Ø12cm,incision film 240x300cm  1pc Equipment Protectiver Cover 80x110cm 1pc Image Cover Dia.90cm 2pc Adhesive Dr...

Total 13 Products Showing 1 - 10

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