Why use impervious stretchable stockinettes?

Impervious stretchable stockinettes are tubular limb covers made of double layer fabric that are stretchable and impermeable so they better fit on the patient's anatomy. This provides maximum sterility and barrier against fluids. In addition, to simply unroll the stockinette on the patients arm or leg, the stockinettes are equipped with two non-woven pulling ties. Can be used during orthopedic surgery, arthroplasty, and hand, knee, ankle, foot, extremity, and vascular procedures to isolate extremities during surgery and reduce the risk of infection.

Features and benefits of impervious stretchable stockinettes:

1. Soft and stretchable impervious liner promotes better penetration prevention

2. Non-woven pull tie is easy to apply 

3. Free of natural rubber latex and DEHP

4. Fits the body

5. Safe and comfortable

The impervious stretchable stockinettes are designed to simplify the clinician's job, providing a strong impermeable barrier, patient comfort, and ease of use for medical staff, while enhancing patient and staff safety during procedures. Contact us if your patient requires an impermeable stretchable stockinette for the lower or upper extremity during orthopaedic or vascular procedures.

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