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Classification and performance of protective clothing


Medical protective clothing is the clothing worn by medical staff to block germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, acidic solutions and salt solutions. Use PP (polypropylene, 62% of the total) non-woven fabric material, covered with special breathable film for protective clothing, which has strong air permeability and anti-static. It has excellent anti-permeability, can resist a variety of organic solvents, and has high impact resistance. It has the advantages of strong mechanical properties, soft and comfortable texture, non-combustible, non-toxic and harmless to the skin.

The protective clothing is classified as follows according to the structure, protective function and protective parts:
1. Protective clothing:
a. General protective clothing.
b. Flame retardant protective clothing.
c. Protective clothing for acid and alkali chemicals.
d. Anti-static clothing.
e. Welding protective clothing.
f. Oil-proof clothing.
g. Waterproof clothing.
h. Shielding suit for live work.
i. X-ray protective clothing.
j Microwave radiation protective clothing.
k. Forest fire protection clothing.
2. Anti-shock vest and anti-shock carapace.

The performance of protective clothing is as follows:
1. Appearance moisture resistance
The level of water on the outside of the protective clothing should not be lower than the requirements of Grade 3 in GB / T 4745-1997.
2. Cracking strength
The cracking strength of protective clothing samples shall not be less than 45N.
3. Cracking elongation
The cracking elongation of protective clothing sample shall not be less than 30%.
4. Filtering power
The filtering power of protective clothing for non-oily particles shall not be less than 70%
5. Flame retardant function
The protective clothing with flame retardant function should meet the requirements of Grade B2 in GB 17591-1998.
6. Antistatic
The electric charge of protective clothing should not be greater than 0.6uc.
7. Skin influence
Protective clothing materials should be free of skin effects
8. Microbial objectives
The protective clothing should meet the requirements of microbiological objectives in GB 15979-2002. The package is marked with "sterilization" or "aseptic" words or illustrations.


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