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What is gynaecology drape in healthcare?

The gynecological surgical drape is made of impermeable material that meets the requirements of EN13795 and helps prevent the movement of microorganisms from the patient's skin in surgical procedures. Integrated fluid collection pouch and absorbent working area manage fluid when needed, while effective fluid control keeps the work area drier, and a self-adhesive edges around the genital opening for secure seal off of surgical area, allowing it to act as a barrier to infection.

Gynecological surgical drape helps reduce the risk of SSI, help reduce exposure to blood and body fluids run off with consequently reduced cleaning time between procedures, and it supports patient safety with effective and efficient infection control. The gynecological surgical drape is suitable for a variety of gynaecological/perineal procedures.


Remove the release liners, the pictogram shows the correct draping direction. Stick the perineal fenestration on the patient, remove the release liner and stick the drape on the abdomen. Unfold the leggings towards the side and over the legs following the pictogram. Unfold the anaesthesia panel towards the patients head. Open the fluid collection pouch and secure.

We offer wide range of procedure-specific drapes, ensuring that draping is as quick and easy as possible to save time for OR efficiency.

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