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Laparotomy Drape Pack

CE ISO13485 Approved Medical Sterile Laparotomy Surgical Drape Pack

US $ 6.83

Model No. : LP191014
Brand Name : MJN

Surgical Laparotomy Drape Pack Disposable Laparotomy Surgical Pack This   surgical laparotomy drape pack  mainly uses the imported new non-woven material, so that the product can better fit with the patient. At the same time, the  medical sterile laparotomy surgical pack  can a...
Laparotomy Set

Hospital Laparotomy Surgery Pack

US $ 4.76

Model No. : ST100742
Brand Name : MJN

1pc Mayo Stand Cover  80x145cm 1pc Back Table Cover  150x190cm 1pc OP Tape 9x49cm 4pcs Cellulose Towel 30x40cm 1pc Laparotomy drape with an excentric 11 X 22 cm, adhesive-edged aperture and with a reinforced (highly absorbent) patch 200x315cm
 Laparotomy   Pack

Laparotomy Surgery Pack

US $ 5.54

Model No. : 600416
Brand Name : MJN

1pc Back Table Cover with 80 cm. zone-reinforced,size 150x220cm. 1pc Adhesive Top Drape 150x240cm 2pcs SMS wrap 150x190cm 5pcs SMS wrap 125x125cm 2pcs Mayo Stand Cover size 58x137cm
Disposable Laparotomy  pack

Sterile Disposable Laparotomy pack

US $ 9.55

Model No. : 1103
Brand Name : MJN

Sterile Disposable Laparotomy Pack ( Code: 1 305) QTY Product Size 1pc Table Cover 150x220cm 1pc Mayo Stand Cover 58x137cm 1pc Laparatomy Drape 307x260x200cm 4pcs Utility Drapes with Adhesive  38 x 66 cm 2pcs 1/2 Drapes   102 cm x 147 cm 4pcs Hand Towel 30x40cm...
Laparotomy drape

Laparotomy drape

US $ 2.2

Model No. : CP0177
Brand Name : MJN

  1.material:SMS,SMMS,PE+nonwoven fabric with 2.size: 78"x10"x121" fenestration12'x13',reinforcement20"x36",with velcro holder  2.fuction: ideally used as the operation cover, emergency sheet, protective sheet under limbs, bed sheet. It avoids cross infection during the operation.

Total 5 Products Showing 1 - 5

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