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Eye Surgical Pack

Customized Eye Surgical Pack Sterile Ophthalmology Surgical Kits

US $ 7.1

Model No. : CL392-02
Brand Name : MJN

The eye surgical pack is specially designed for ophthalmic surgery operation,   such as   penetrating keratoplasty, intracapsular or endotracheal cataract , transconjunctival cryocoagulation and cerclage of the eye bulb.   There is one fenestration and surrounding fluid col...
Eye Surgical Pack

Surgical Ophthalmic Intravitrea Pack Disposable Cataract Surgical Kit

US $ 4.35

Model No. : LT19001
Brand Name : MJN

The medical eye surgical pack with EO sterilized produced by non-woven fabrics,  disposable eye surgical drape used to cover the rest of the body parts leaving the eye area exposed for surgical operation, sterile cataract surgical kits provide a hig...
Eye Packs

Surgical Eye Set

US $ 9.26

Model No. : SOPH-0514-VISTA
Brand Name : MJN

2pcs Surgical Gown,Size L,Blue SMS 48gsn 4pcs Paper Hand Towel,30x40cm 10pcs Gauzes 10x10cm,Nonwoven 1pc Eye Drape100x140cm,with single fluid collection pouch 3pcs Syringes 3cc,LL 2pcs Syringe 1cc,LL 1pc Needle 26G 1pc Needle 18G 2pc Eye Pad 1pc Medicine Cup,3oz 2pcs Medicine Cup,6oz 1pc Kidney Dis...
Ophthalmic Set

Ophthalmic Set

US $ 2.46

Model No. : ST101932
Brand Name : MJN

1pc Back Table Cover 150x150cm 1pc Cellulose Towel 30x40cm 1pc Ophthalmic Drape 150x180cm  with a two-sided, PE fluid collection bag with adjustable brace + with a 5 X 7 cm, adhesive edged aperture (the adhesive be 2 cm wide) with a 20 cm adjustable respiratory brace  + a separate 10 X 12...
cataract pack

cataract pack

US $ 7.6

Model No. : OPH1003
Brand Name : MJN

2 pc Surgical Gown 2 pc Hand towel 30x40 cm 5 pc Guaze 10x10 cm 1pc Plastic container 150ml 2 pcArm cover for the surgical chair 72x40cm 1 pc Insulin syringe  Separate the syringe and the needle 1 pc Syringe 2cc 1 pcSyringe 5cc 1 pc Syringe 10cc 1 pc Ophthalmic drape 120x170cm with collection ...
Cataract Kit

Disposable Cataract kit

US $ 4.6

Model No. : 40118
Brand Name : MJN

1pc Back table cover 100x150 cm 1pc Surgical Drape 150x150 cm 1pc Eye drape 120x130 cm with central hole 1pc Plastic protection shield 10pc Nonwoven Swab 10x10 cm 1pc  Syringe 5ML - LL 1pc  Syringe 10ML - LL 1pc  Syringe 1ML - LL 1pc  Bowl 250ML 1pc Needle 27G front camera 1pc N...

Eye drapes pack

US $ 5

Model No. : OPHP1003
Brand Name : MJN

Components: 1 Table Cover 100x150cm 1 Ophthalmology Drape with Pouch 100x120cm 1 Syringe, Luer Slip, 1ml 1 Syringe, Luer Slip, 3ml 1 Syringe, Luer Slip, 5ml 1 Eyepad  2 Sterile Gowns, size: Large  Main material: 45gsm stand SMS nonwoven with the 3M company incise film and collection po...
Surgical Eye pack

Surgical Cataract Eye Kit

US $ 6.39

Model No. : 40103
Brand Name : MJN

 Surgical Cataract Eye Kit Item Size 3pcs  Standard Surgical Gown  L size,SMS 1pc BackTable Cover                             ...

Surgical Refraktive Eye Kit

US $ 8.3

Model No. : 40104
Brand Name : MJN

Surgical Refraktive Eye Kit(Code:40104) Item Size 3pcs  Standard Surgical Gown  L size,SMS 1pc BackTable Cover                            &nb...
 Ophthalmic Intravitreal  Pack

Ophthalmic Intravitreal Pack

US $ 5.26

Model No. : 40106
Brand Name : MJN

 Ophthalmic Intravitreal  Pack(REF:40107) Item Size 1pc BackTable Cover                                   100x75c...

Total 13 Products Showing 1 - 10

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