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How are medical gowns tested?

To make sure medical gowns meet the standards set out by these organizations, they undergo a variety of standard tests, including:

1.Fluid and bacteriophage barrier

(ASTM 1671) Measures resistance of materials used in protective clothing to bloodborne pathogens using viral penetration at 2psi and ambient pressure.

2.Hydrostatic pressure test

(AATCC 127) Tests for fluid resistance by measuring the force required for water to penetrate a fabric (including seams).

3.Gelbo lint test

Determines the relative number of lint particles released from a fabric.

4.Martindale abrasion test

(ASTMD4966) A visual test of the abrasion resistance of fabric using a standard abrasive surface and a specified force to assess barrier/fabric integrity and lint production.

5.Laser and ignition resistance

(ISO 11810) Used to assess the laser induced flammability properties of gown fabrics, in the oxygen-rich environment of the OR. Includes front and back panels and sleeves.

6.CPSC standard for the flammability of clothing textiles

Measures a fabrics burn rate.

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