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What is a knee arthroscopy drape?

Knee arthroscopy surgical drape is made of medical non-woven fabrics. No liquid in the operating area can pass through the surgical drapes, minimizing the transfer of fabric fibers to the wound, and ensuring patient safety through effective infection control. Our knee arthroscopy surgical drape are designed for safety and convenience.

Features of knee arthroscopy surgical drape:

1. Tear resistant and water repellent fabrics;

2. Low lint resistance to reduce the risk of bacterial transmission in the air;

3. Configure fluid collection pouch to provide liquid control;

4. High absorption and penetration protection to ensure patient safety;

5. The surgical drape is comfortable and easy to use-save time and improve efficiency.

C&P provides you with the best surgical drape to meet the strict requirements of knee surgery and improve the efficiency of the operating room.

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