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How to use eye pack?

Disposable eye drape pack, including eye surgical drape, surgical gown, surgical drape, tray cover, paper towel, mayo stand cover and wrapping cloth, etc. It is used for ophthalmic surgery protection, care, and implementation.

The specific usage is as follows:

1. Eye surgery drape: by uncovering the release film of the eye surgery drape, and the eye surgery drape can be fixed on the patient's eye, and then the operation can be performed. The nose bridge can be positioned with the nose to ensure that it is in the correct position and the nose can breathe normally. The shaped aluminum strip can ensure that the mouth of the liquid collection pouch is in an open state, and the liquid collection pouch can collect the liquid generated during eye surgery to prevent external leakage and pollute the operating room;

2. Surgical gown: It is highly protective and can prevent the penetration of blood, grease and alcohol when medical personnel wear it during surgery;

3. Surgical drape: cover the patient to block the penetration of liquid and bacteria and prevent cross-infection;

4. Tray cover: wrap the tray;

5. Paper towel: for doctors to wipe their hands after disinfection;

6. Mayo stand cover: it is put on the instrument tray and can also be used as a chair cover or post-operative medical waste;

7. Wrapping cloth: wrapping surgical accessories.

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