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AAMI Level3 hydrostatic pressure test of our protective products

Surgical gown and isolation gown are used to protect the integrity of the sterile area and prevent the penetration of blood, body fluid, other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) and other related microorganisms. Surgical drape and other accessories are used as a cover to protect the patient to isolate the surgical incision site to prevent infection of microorganisms and other cross-objects.

The AAMI standard promulgated by the United States classify the protective performance of surgical gown and isolation gown:

Level 1: Medical textile products must undergo impact penetration waterproof test, and the water penetration must be less than 4.5 g;

Level 2: It must pass the two tests of impact penetration waterproofing and hydrostatic pressure. The water seepage amount of the impact penetration waterproofing must be less than 1.0 g, and the hydrostatic pressure must be greater than 20 cm H2O;

Level 3: The water seepage volume must be less than 1.0 g, and the hydrostatic test must be greater than 50 cm H2O;

Level 4: For surgical gown or other protective clothing, it is necessary to pass the two tests of blood and virus leakage. The water repellency of surgical gown and drape is required to be kept at 13.8kPa (equivalent to 140cm H2O) for 1 minute without penetration of synthetic blood. Microbial penetration tests must also be carried out, and Phi-X174 phage shall not penetrate.

Our company has conducted a hydrostatic pressure test on SMS surgical gown and isolation gown, and the results are as follows:

Our surgical gowns and isolation gowns have reached the AAMI Level3 standard for hydrostatic pressure testing. Welcome to order!

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