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Three performance of the cesarean drape pack

The disposable non woven sterile cesarean section surgical drape kit is composed of non woven fabric that is impermeable and does not absorb moisture. It is designed with composite and functional low-fiber batting materials, including: cesarean section drape, surgical gown, surgical drape, mayo stand cover, gauze, paper towels and table cover, etc. Its main performances are as follows:

1. Impermeable barrier function

The non woven fabric fiber does not absorb water and has a good anti-permeability barrier function to liquid; there is a film towel sticking skin in the middle of the operation hole towel aiming at the incision, which can be closely attached to the skin to prevent amniotic fluid and blood and body fluid from flowing along the skin soak the surgical mattress sheet under the parturient's body, keep the sterile sheet around the incision and the parturient skin dry; around the hole of the towel, a liquid collection pouch can be stretched out and propped up to a certain height so that the surgical fluid is placed in the liquid collection pouch. The amniotic fluid, blood and body fluid during the cesarean section flow through the fluid collection pouch and are sucked into the suction bottle by the central suction device to keep the operation field clear and prevent the amniotic fluid from splashing on the surgeon or the floor of the operating room; disposable operation mattress sheet covers the operation mattress completely to prevent the liquid from wetting cloth and penetrating pollute the operating bed and mattress, and even pollute the floor of the operating room.

2. Decrease of lint particles

Disposable non-woven surgical supplies are not easy to fleece and produce less particles. The number of dust particles produced by nonwoven surgical gown and hole towel is significantly less than that of cotton surgical clothing and hole towel. It can prevent the fine particles from floating in the air and becoming the carrier of bacteria, causing pollution to the air in the operating room, as well as the villi falling off to form another foreign body infection in the wound, increasing the chance of infection.

3. Comfortable and breathable, easy to use

The non woven surgical kit has the characteristics of short production process, high speed, high output and low cost. The sterile surgical pack has the advantages of long storage period, comfort and air permeability, and easy disposal of postoperative waste, which provides the best environment for operation and reduces the labor of operating room staff.

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