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What is a disposable ENT surgery pack?

Disposable ENT surgical pack is ENT split drape, surgical drape, back table cover, paper towel, mayo stand cover, suture bag and other accessories stacked together in a wrapper, and the wrapper is folded into a square shape and placed in the packaging bag. The ENT split sheet is composed of SMS non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric is bonded and fixed with SM+PE reinforcing sheet, and the ENT split sheet and the reinforcing sheet have U-shaped notches. There are two tube holders at the junction of the ENT split sheet and the reinforcing sheet to help fix the catheter. Our ENT surgery drape kit can be professionally configured according to surgical needs to meet various ear, nose and throat surgery.

Purpose of accessories in surgical pack:

1. ENT split drape: spread on the patient, leaking out of the surgical site, effectively blocking the penetration of liquid and bacteria, preventing oral infection, and forming an isolation barrier between the patient and the medical staff.

2. Surgical drape: covering the patient, it can not only avoid or reduce cross-infection, but also keep warm.

3. Back table cover: Help reduce the risk of contaminating the instruments on the table and maintain a sterile area.

4. Hand towel: used for wiping by the operator during the operation.

5. Mayo stand cover: used to protect equipment or to pack the waste during the operation.

6. Suture bag: used to collect any unsterilized items or items that are no longer used for surgery and keep the aseptic operating room clean.

7. Wrapping cloth: used to wrap all the accessories in the surgical pack. After the surgical pack is opened, it can be used as an instrument tablecloth.

Features and advantages of C&P medical disposable surgical pack series products:

1. Passed CE, ISO 13485 certification, in line with the European Union EN 13795 and the US national standard, the highest protection level AAMI Level 4

2. Medical grade professional non-woven fabric laminating material, with water absorption and anti-leakage functions at the same time

3. Excellent barrier to fine dust and liquid

4. No flocculent particles

5. The water absorbing reinforcing sheet is covered around the operation window to prevent the operation fluid from spreading

6. Fluid collection pouch collects the fluid or blood produced during the operation

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