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What is back table cover?

The back table surgical cover is composed of PE and hydrophilic PP. The hydrophilic PP in the middle has the advantages of small fiber pore size, high filtration efficiency, and good water absorption; while PE has the characteristics of high strength and good water repellency. The back table cover acts as a barrier to help maintain the sterile area during application and disassembly. The Z-fold design allows the back table cover to be separated from the center of the table and can be removed, while helping to reduce the risk of contaminating the instruments on the table.

Features of the back table cover:

1. Puncture resistance, can reinforce the fabric on the entire surface, designed for light to mid-weight trays and instruments

2. Low linting, which can reduce the risk of wound contamination

3. Flexible, drapable fabric in a choice of sizes to make setup quick and easy

4. Strong and durable

5. Highly resistant to tearing and abrasion

Sterile back table cover is widely used in hospitals and can be used in major departments such as orthopedic, dentistry, cardiovascular, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, urology, and neurology. The back table cover is designed to maintain the sterility of surgical instruments and implants before surgery without contaminating the sterile area when moving.

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