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Why use U-shaped drape?

The U-shaped surgical drape with water absorption function includes a main layer, a stretch-resistant film layer and a waterproof and breathable layer. The front end of the surgical drape is provided with a U-shaped hole, and a water-absorbing layer is arranged on the side of the surgical drape facing the patient, and the water-absorbing layer is located on the periphery of the U-shaped hole. The water-absorbing layer comprises an adhesive layer, a base material layer, and an intermediate layer with a water-absorbing function sandwiched between the adhesive layer and the base material layer. The intermediate layer can absorb a small amount of liquid from the operation and prevent the liquid flowing back to the patient or splashing to other places to pollute the operation environment.


1. The disposable U drape sheet is pasted on the skin. The U-shape is convenient to fully expose the surgical field and strengthen the tightness of the aseptic area.

2. The U-shaped sheet is waterproof, and the sterile sheet will not be soaked even if there is large flushing fluid and ascites, which not only ensures the sterility, but also helps maintain the patient's body temperature during the operation.

3. The U-shaped sheet can effectively prevent the patient's blood, body fluids, etc. from falling down and polluting the medical staff, and strengthen the medical staff's self-protection.

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