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What is hand drape pack?

The hand surgery pack is suitable for one-time protection use during hand surgery in the orthopedic department of medical units. The surgical kit contains accessories such as medical surgical gowns, hand surgical drapes, under buttock drape, gauzes, mayo stand drape, paper towels, wrapping cloth and other accessories.

Use of accessories in surgical kit:

1. Surgical gown: It is highly protective and can prevent the penetration of blood, grease and alcohol when medical personnel wear it during surgery.

2. Hand surgical drape: It is spread on the patient and leaks out the operation part to form an isolation barrier between the patient and the medical staff, which can not only avoid or reduce cross infection, but also keep warm.

3. Under buttock drape: It is placed under the patient's body to effectively isolate liquid penetration and bacterial infection to prevent cross-infection.

4. Gauzes: Used to stop bleeding, press and aspirate fluid during surgery.

5. Mayo stand drape: It is used to protect equipment or to pack the waste during surgery.

6. Paper towel: It is used for wiping by the operator during the operation.

7. Wrapping cloth: It is used to wrap the accessories in the surgical pack. After the surgical pack is opened, it can be used as an instrument tablecloth.

The surgical gown and all kinds of drapes in the hand drape pack are made of medical grade non-woven fabrics, and the products meet the requirements of international standards such as CE and ISO 13485. It has the advantages of high bacterial barrier performance, good air permeability, hydrostatic pressure resistance, no flocculation, anti blood, anti alcohol, anti-static and so on.

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