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How to prevent glasses from fogging when wearing masks?

Now the new type of pneumonia is rampant all over the country. People will wear masks when they go out just in case. For friends who wear glasses, wearing masks will also cause trouble, that is, glasses will fog. After the glasses fog, you need to adjust the position of the mask from time to time and your hands often touch the surface of the disposable face mask, which makes it easier to contact germs. This article teaches you five tips for wearing masks and glasses to prevent fogging.

1. Glasses pressure mask method

When wearing the mask, lift it up as much as possible, and then use the nose pads of the glasses to press on both sides of the bridge of the nose to press the mask. After putting on the mask, pinch the iron wire on the bridge of the nose of the mask, and try to make the mask close to the bridge of the nose to prevent the breath from leaking out.

2. Paper towel moisture absorption method

Fold a thin paper towel into quarters and place it on the bridge of the nose inside the mask. Do not cover the nostrils to ensure smooth breathing. This can cover the gap on the upper edge of the mask, and can also absorb moisture and prevent the lens from contacting mist.

3. Fold the upper part of the mask wire in half

The reason for the fogging of the glasses is that there is a gap above the mask. When breathing, heat will flow through the gap to the lens to cause fog. As long as the upper part of the mask wire (about 1cm) is folded inward, the gap is gone, and the glasses will not fog.

4. Wipe the lens with a little detergent

Detergent can form a layer of isolation on the lens to prevent the fog from directly contacting with the lens, which can prevent the lens from fogging. This method is also suitable for car windshields or rear mirrors that are prone to fog in winter.

5. Disposable anti-fog wet wipes or anti-fog spray for glasses

Use disposable anti-fog wipes or use anti-fog spray for glasses to wipe the lenses. The principle is similar to detergent, which can prevent the fogging of glasses for a long time, which is convenient and hygienic.

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