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Why choose non woven fabric as material for protective gown?

In the basic protection and medical work environment, we will encounter the dangers of bacteria, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid solution, salt solution and corrosive chemicals. For these dangers, we need to use medical protective gown to protect the whole body of workers. Protective gown is also known as work clothes. What materials are protective gown made of?

1. Breathable protective gown for basic protective work

It is suitable for automobile, aviation, food processing, metal processing, mining, oil and natural gas operation. It is generally hooded from head to shoulder to body, with cuffs and trousers tightened. Protective gown is required to effectively block the entry of dust and solid particles in the working environment. Wear comfortable and breathable, and not easy to fall dust. It has strong protection and can block slight splashing in low-risk areas.

This kind of protective gown is made of SMS non-woven fabric. In the structure of SMS material, the structure characteristics of ultra-fine melt blown fiber layer and high strength spunbonded non-woven layer make the material have certain hydrostatic pressure resistance and air permeability, which form the basic isolation performance of SMS material. In addition, SMS non-woven fabric also has barrier property, which is used in a variety of protective gown products, including high-end and low-end medical protective gown, industrial protective gown, chemical protective gown, etc.

2. Medical protective gown

Medical protective gown is the work clothes of medical staff, that is, protective clothing for the body of medical workers. It is mainly used to isolate bacteria, harmful ultra-fine dust, acid solution, salt solution, corrosive chemicals and keep the environment clean.

This kind of protective gown can be made of:

(1) Ordinary PP non-woven fabric is characterized by air permeability, dustproof, non-waterproof, good tensile resistance, and no obvious difference between the front and back.

(2) The characteristics of the film-coated non-woven fabric are: airtight, waterproof, good antibacterial effect, with obvious distinction between the front and the back. The non-woven fabric on the body contacting side is non-allergenic and feels good. There is a layer of plastic film on the outside to prevent liquid leakage, which can be used in contaminated and virus situations.

(3) SMS non-woven fabric: three layers of composite non-woven fabric, with a waterproof anti-bacterial layer in the middle, and SMS non-woven fabric in the outer layer, which is strong, tensile, waterproof and breathable.

(4) The non-woven fabric with permeable membrane is made of PP and polypropylene, which is covered with PE permeable membrane, so it has strong air permeability and better impermeability, high impact resistance and resistance to various organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion. Its characteristic is that the sweat gas of human body can radiate outwards, but the harmful gas and moisture outside can't be invaded.

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