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How to reduce the damage of wearing mask to the skin?

The epidemic continues, and life continues. In order to make a living, people have to put on masks and go back to work. Although wearing masks for a long time can reduce the risk of direct infection with germs, it also brings a different kind of trouble for many people: frequent or long time wearing masks can cause skin damage and skin diseases.

Why can wear mask cause skin damage and skin disease? The reason is that in the relatively closed environment formed by the mask and face, people's breathing will make the internal environment moist, causing bacteria to grow. If the skin is relatively sweaty and rich in oil secretion, it is more likely to cause clogged pores and induce acne. In addition, masks that fit the shape of the face may cause pressure injuries on the nose, cheeks, cheeks, or the back of the ears, and other areas that have been under pressure for a long time. Mild cases can cause indentations and bruises, and further exacerbations can cause redness, ulceration, and even bacterial infections and allergies. In this case, how can we reduce the damage caused by wearing masks to the skin?

1. Wear masks with proper elasticity: Generally, wearing disposable medical masks and non-ear-hanging masks such as strap-on masks during low-risk exposure can also reduce friction and pressure on the skin behind the ears.

2. The wearing time should not be too long. If sanitary conditions permit, take off the mask in 2 to 3 hours or change the position of the mask to reduce local pressure.

3. Before wearing, you can apply emollient locally to reduce the skin irritation caused by the friction of the edge of the mask.

4. Pay attention to facial cleansing: women with makeup should remove makeup first after returning home, and clean the face with a facial cleanser suitable for their skin.

5. People with allergies should understand the material of the mask before wearing it, avoid allergic ingredients, and avoid using fake and inferior products. When the mask is wet, replace the mask in time.

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