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What is a neurology surgical drape?

Disposable neurological surgery drape consists of the main sheet and liquid collection pouch. The main sheet is composed of PE cast film and composite non-woven fabric. The front non-woven fabric of the main sheet is bonded and fixed with a reinforcing sheet. The middle part of the reinforcing sheet and the main sheet under the reinforcing sheet are provided with an operation hole. The lower part of the reinforcing sheet is bonded and fixed to the liquid collection pouch, and the leakage net is bonded and fixed in the liquid collection pouch. The surgical film is bonded on the reinforcing sheet and covers the surgical hole, the side of the surgical film covering the surgical hole is coated with medical adhesive, the surface of the medical adhesive is adhered with release paper, and the release paper is on the PE cast film layer on the back of the main sheet. During neurological surgery, the position of the catheter can be conveniently fixed by the pin-and-socket buckle. The surgical film and the liquid collection pouch are fixed on it, which can be used directly. There is no need to find another surgical film and liquid collection pouch. It can store the liquid and other dirt produced by the operation directly, so as to prevent liquid leakage and environmental pollution.

Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. can provide sterile disposable neurological surgical drapes and surgical kits to help the operation proceed smoothly.

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