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Why wear scrub suit?

Scrub suits are work clothes used by the operating room staff in the clean environment of the operating room. Most of them are short sleeves and V-neck, which can be worn by doctors, nurses or anesthesiologists. Once you enter the operating room, you must request to wear this scrub suit. The purpose of the short sleeve design is to facilitate the cleaning of hands, forearms and the front third of the upper arm for the personnel involved in the operation. After the surgical staff wash their hands, the nurse will assist in putting on the surgical gown.

Why wear scrub suits?

1. The design of scrub suit uniform is simple, easy to clean, low replacement cost, and minimize the places where pollutants may be hidden.

2. Scrub suits can protect personal clothing from damage

Scrub suits can protect personal clothes from blood, urine, vomit and even pathogens. Medical staff touches all these elements every day.

3. Scrub suits can provide pockets for carrying some medical supplies conveniently

Some styles of scrub suits have pockets, which can facilitate the movement of nurses from room to room during the day, and it is convenient to carry large amounts of or useful medical supplies. Such benefits can save nurses extra steps throughout the day and help them care for patients more effectively.

4. Scrub suits can help to identify medical staff

Scrub suits can help patients and visitors identify who are medical staff.

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