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Main hazards of disposable sterile surgical kits

The surgical kit has the dual characteristics of water absorption and water repellency, which can prevent the infiltration of blood, alcohol and other liquids during the operation and prevent cross infection. However, there are many hazards in the storage, transportation, packaging and use of sterile surgical kits, which require our attention. The main hazards are as follows:

Surgical Medical Kit

1. Biological contamination: The package is damaged during storage and transportation and is polluted by microorganism during use.

2. Incorrect output: If it is ethylene oxide sterilization, too high residual ethylene oxide will be harmful to health.

3. Cross infection: Repeated use, no immediate treatment after one-time use.

4. Pollution due to waste or equipment disposal: improper disposal after one-time use, causing pollution.

5. Inappropriate marking: The packaging marks are not comprehensive, incorrect or can not be clearly recognized, such as: problems with markings such as single-use, sterilized products, and fragile items.

6. Inappropriate operating instructions: The product has no instructions or its content is incomplete. Such as lack of necessary warning instructions, lack of detailed usage methods, lack of restrictions on transportation and storage environmental conditions.

7. Used by unskilled or untrained personnel: Operators must ensure aseptic operation.

8. Lack of appropriate decisions on the end of the life of medical devices:  Sterilization products for single use have a lifespan, and the sterile effect of the product cannot be guaranteed beyond the prescribed time limit.

9. Inappropriate packaging: The sterility of the product cannot be guaranteed.

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