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How to sew surgical gown?

SMS surgical gowns are medical products, mainly focusing on barrier properties. Barrier properties include the ability to prevent penetration of liquids and microorganisms. During medical rescue, medical personnel will inevitably come into contact with the blood and body fluids of patients, and the blood and body fluids of patients may often carry various pathogens. Therefore, the airtightness of the surgical gown should be considered for the protective performance of the surgical gown. Because the rupture and low airtightness of the clothes will cause pathogens to come into direct contact with the skin of medical staff, making the surgical gown lose its protective ability. In addition, the patient's blood will be splashed out during the operation. Therefore, the tightness of the surgical gown needs to be sealed and waterproof to completely block external pathogens and protect medical staff.

Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. uses ultrasonic sewing equipment to sew surgical gowns. The sealing suture does not require needles and threads. It can not only achieve sealing and waterproof performance, but also the suture is not easy to be damaged, and its strength is close to the fabric itself.

The mains electricity is converted into high-frequency electricity by the ultrasonic generator, and the high-frequency electricity is converted into ultrasonic high-frequency vibration through the ultrasonic transducer, and then the vibration is amplified by the ultrasonic horn, and the ultrasonic tool head is focused on the suture of the non woven surgical gown. The fabric at the suture of the surgical gown is rubbed under the action of ultrasound to generate heat. The molecules of the fabric are interrupted under the action of ultrasound, and the fabric molecules of the upper and lower layers are fused with each other. When the temperature is cooled, the fabric molecules will form new molecular bonds. The suture of the surgical gown stitched by the sewing equipment is firm, and its strength to withstand external forces is the same as that of the fabric itself.

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