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What is a dental pack?

The disposable dental pack is composed of commonly used surgical gowns, dental U drapes, surgical drapes, Saliva Ejector, PE covers, gauze, table covers, mayo stand cover, hand towels, wrapping cloths, etc. It is sterilized by ethylene oxide, and is convenient, fast and time-saving. It is made of SMS medical non-woven fabric, which has anti-blood, anti-alcohol and anti-oil properties. It has the advantages of convenient use, safety, effectiveness, no pollution and prevention of cross-infection. It prepares a more comprehensive auxiliary device for dental surgery. These auxiliary devices are packaged together, which can be easily carried, and can be used immediately in some specific situations; the dental U drape can be suitable for various dental operations, and the reinforcing plate on it can absorb the liquid produced during the operation and prevent the liquid during the operation from flowing out and polluting the surrounding environment. Dental surgical drapes can protect dental medical equipment from contamination by saliva and powder generated during treatment.

Usage: According to clinical needs, choose different specifications and models of single-use sterile surgical kits, and remove the packaging of the sterile surgical kits (check whether the packaging is damaged or leaking and the expiry date before removal), according to the operation operating procedures, take the configuration parts one by one in order.

The functions of the main components:

1. Reinforced surgical gown: Highly protective, can prevent the penetration of blood, grease and alcohol.

2. U drape: Effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria to prevent oral infection.

3. Surgical drape: Cover the patient to effectively block the penetration of liquid and bacteria to prevent cross infection.

4. Gauze: Used for hemostasis, pressing and liquid suction during the operation.

5. Wrapping cloth: It wraps various accessories in the surgical pack, and can be used as an instrument tablecloth after the surgical pack is opened.

6. Apparatus wrapping cloth: It is put on the apparatus tray, and can also be used as a chair cover or post-operative medical waste.

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