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Can isolation gown be reused?

Isolation gowns can generally be divided into two types, one is ordinary isolation gowns and the other is medical isolation gowns.

Ordinary isolation gowns, such as white coats, can be reused. However, it needs to be replaced, cleaned and disinfected every day, especially when you take off the isolation gowns, you must be more cautious, strictly implement the standard of the isolation gowns, and the hospital should also manage the isolation gowns and carry out strict cleaning and disinfection. If you do not pay attention to the standard operation, it may bring more serious pollution, so you must follow the rules for putting on and taking off the gown. If the ordinary gown encounters a source of pollution, it should be replaced immediately.

Specification of isolation gown:

When entering the isolation room and engaging in operation that may contaminate work clothes, you should wear isolation gowns; before leaving the room, take off the isolation gowns, hang as required, and replaced, cleaned and disinfected every day; or use disposable isolation gowns and disposed according to the requirements of medical waste management after use. In case of contact with infectious diseases of Class A, the protective clothing shall be worn and taken off according to the requirements. Before leaving the ward, remove the protective clothing, the protective clothing should be disposed according to the requirements of medical waste management.

Medical isolation gowns cannot be reused. Generally, they are used in infectious disease departments or other departments that are in close contact with infectious patients, and they are disposable. Because the place of use is special, they should be taken off carefully after use and discarded as infectious waste into special dustbin for treatment in the form of medical waste. In addition, these gowns are mainly used in infectious diseases department, especially when close contact with infectious patients, N95 masks should also be worn.

Note: When using medical isolation gowns, if large areas of contamination or splashing occur, they need to be replaced immediately. It should also be noted that the isolation gown can only be used in isolated areas.

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