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Why use non-woven fabric as a mask?

With the development of technology and the progress of society, there are more and more mask brands and types on the market. Non-woven masks are a kind of masks which are widely used in the market. So why are many masks made of non-woven fabric?

Melt-blown non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric with white appearance and soft hand feeling. It uses PP polypropylene as the main raw material and adopts melt blown technology to make the fiber diameter between several microns and ten microns. Due to the ultra-fine fiber diameter and disordered arrangement, it has a three-dimensional porous structure, large surface area, small pore size, high void ratio, bendable, shapeable, efficient and low resistance.

Melt-blown non-woven fabrics have excellent capture capacity for micro-nano particles such as fine dust and bacteria in the air. It is an excellent fiber filter material, usually used as a filter component of various medium and high efficiency filter devices, such as masks, air filters, oil-absorbing cotton, and wipe products. Melt-blown non-woven fabrics play a role of isolation and filtration in masks, protecting the body from dust, bacteria, viruses , reducing various infections, and effectively protecting human health.

In addition, according to the price of the mask in the market, the price of the non-woven mask is not very high because it is a very small daily necessity. The general non-woven mask is 5 RMB each; the slightly advanced one with good protective effect is about 10 RMB each. But we usually buy them in bulk. For example, some industrial enterprises will buy a lot of non-woven masks, so the price will be lower.

Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd. provides you with disposable non-woven mask . The mask is soft, comfortable and not stuffy with three layers of protective filter. It adopts the aluminum strip design, multi-layer thickening and binding design, which is qualitative and firm, and prevents scratches on the face. The elastic ear straps of the mask have great elasticity, soft and skin-friendly ears, soft texture and comfortable wearing.

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