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8 things you should pay attention to when wearing and taking off your gown

When work clothes may be contaminated with infectious secretions and exudates, you need to wear a isolation gown. What should you pay attention to when wearing and taking off the gown?

1. The length of the isolation gown should be suitable, and the work clothes must be completely covered. If there are holes, they should be repaired and then worn;

2. Disposable isolation gowns are replaced daily, if there is moisture or pollution, they should be replaced immediately;

3. The collar of the gown and the inner surface of the gown are regarded as clean surfaces. When taking the gown, it shall be clear whether the isolation gown is intact, suitable and worn, and the clean face and contaminated face shall be determined;

4. The contaminated cuffs should not touch the collar, face and hat when tying the collar;

5. The rear edges must be aligned, the folds cannot be loose, and the inside of the gown must not be touched by your hands;

6. If there is a buckle on the lower edge of the back side of the isolation garment, unfasten it first, and do not insert the outer side of the sleeve into the sleeve;

7. Do not wet the non woven isolation gown when disinfecting hands, pay attention to keep the collar clean, sleeves should not contaminate hands and arms, and hands should not touch the outside of the isolation gowns;

8. If the removed gown is hung in a semi-contaminated area, the clean side is facing outwards; if it is hung in the contaminated area, the pollution side is facing outwards.

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