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Can mask be washed and reused?

Masks are the most commonly used personal protection products for everyone. The correct use of masks is very important. Nowadays, masks are relatively difficult to buy, so the use of masks is very economical. Generally, disposable masks cannot be reused.

Can the mask be reused?

Ordinary people can reuse the mask after use, but there are certain restrictions on reuse. First of all, determine whether there is contact with the virus when going out. If there is, then the mask can never be reused. If it is confirmed that there is no infected person or other things after going out, the mask can be reused in a short time. The use time of mask is generally four hours. If the use time is more than four hours, the mask may lose the function of virus isolation.

Can the mask be used after washing?

Depending on the situation, there are different situations depending on the material of the mask. If it is a common disposable mask, it has been sterilized by ultraviolet light, so there is no health problem when it is just taken out, but the disposable mask cannot be washed. It has been used once, and the mask has been stained with various bacteria and viruses. Even if it's washed, it can't completely eliminate germs, and it will also destroy the filtering ability of the material. The material used in this mask is relatively rough and may be broken during cleaning. It is recommended not to use it again. If you bought a mask in the store, pure cotton, chemical fiber, these can be washed and used. However, there will inevitably be germs, so it is recommended to soak in boiling water and disinfect with alcohol.

Generally, the mask should be discarded in the following situations:

1. The particulate matter absorbed by the mask is too high, and the user obviously feels that breathing is blocked;

2. Damage, aging, breakage or failure of the components (such as broken or loose headband, broken or nasal clip, broken or deformed mask body);

3. The surgical face mask is contaminated, such as liquid splash.

Under normal circumstances, 3M dust masks can be used for one to two weeks, up to one week without va e masks, up to two weeks with va e masks, but depending on the degree of pollution of the specific environment, if the air pollution is serious, the use time will be shorten . The user should change the mask in time according to the actual situation.

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