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Which mask can protect against coronavirus?

Masks are an important line of defense against respiratory infections and can reduce the risk of new coronavirus infections. The mask can not only prevent the patient from spraying droplets, reduce the droplet volume and spraying speed, but also block the virus-containing droplet core to protect the wearer's risk of inhalation.

So what are the common types of masks and which ones can protect against coronavirus?

1. Ordinary cotton masks, various net red masks:

The material is extra cotton, gauze, canvas, etc., because the material itself is not detailed enough to prevent infection, it is not recommended to wear.

2. Disposable medical masks:

This level of disposable mask does not require barrier effect on the blood, and there is no requirement for tightness, so it is only used in ordinary environments and cannot be better protected. Recommended for daily use by the public and medical institutions.

3. Daily protective mask

The protective effect is better than that of medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks. It is recommended to wear in suspected cases. The public can wear it in places with high density of people, and it can also be used as protection against smog.

4. Medical surgical masks

Can prevent respiratory infections to a certain extent. It can block pollutants such as droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc., and has a certain effect on prevention. The protective effect is better than single-use medical masks. It is recommended that the general public include patients with suspected cases, passengers of the public transportation department, taxi drivers, sanitation workers, and service personnel in public places. This type of mask also protects the patient's wounds from contamination during surgery, providing medical personnel with basic isolation from blood and body fluid splashes.

5. Medical protective mask

Recommended for use in fever clinics, isolation ward medical staff, and patients with confirmed new coronavirus infection. When resources are scarce, the public is not advised to overprotect and can be reserved for front-line medical staff.

6.Industrial anti-particulate mask

The blocking ability of particles is similar to that of medical protective masks, which can be used for industrial dust and haze protection. Because these masks do not have a blood permeability test, they are not recommended for public use and cannot be used in areas with hygienic requirements such as operating rooms.

7. Protective mask (plus P100 filter cotton)

The protection level is higher than that of medical protective masks, and it is recommended for tracheal intubation and endoscopy in confirmed or suspected cases.

8.Mask with exhalation valve

The exhalation valve of the mask is a one-way valve. The mask with the exhalation valve can prevent the virus-containing droplets from inhaling, thereby protecting the wearer. However, suspected and confirmed patients will become a source of infection when walking, and an open exhalation valve may expel patients' virus-containing droplets.

Note: Regardless of the type of mask, the protective effect is limited and needs to be replaced regularly.

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