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Can non-woven fabrics be washed?

Although non-woven fabric is not cloth, it can be washed if it is not too dirty, but it cannot be washed in a washing machine or rubbed hard. It can only be rubbed gently with hands and rinsed. After washing, it should be dried and blown quickly. The temperature during drying and blowing should be low and not too high, because the non-woven fabric is easily decomposed after soaking in water for a long time. Be careful not to use bleach or fluorescent laundry products to prevent discoloration of the non-woven fabric.

Do not use a brush when cleaning the non-woven fabric, because the surface of the non-woven fabric will easily fluff, and the appearance will be unsightly. After cleaning, place the nonwoven in a cool, ventilated place to dry.

As a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, non-woven fabric have the advantages of recyclability, environmental protection, and low cost. Therefore, when the non-woven fabric is dirty, it can be washed and reused.

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