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How to make your own eye surgical drape

Ophthalmic surgical drape is a sterile surgical drape covering the operation site. The medical ophthalmic drape used in the past is time-consuming and laborious, and often moves with the doctor's operation, which often leads to surgical infection. Now a new ophthalmic sheet is made by ourselves, which has good clinical effect. Here is the introduction:

1. Production method

Two rectangular holes were cut out on the rectangular surgical drape with a length of 280cm and a width of 160cm. The upper and lower width of the hole was 4cm, the left and right width were 7cm, and the distance between the two holes was 1.5cm. Within 4cm around the edge of the hole, double-layer cotton cloth was used to sew. The upper part of the hole was covered by a 6cm wide and 10cm long covering cloth sewn by double-layer cotton cloth, and its head end was sewn on the surgical drape.

2. Usage

Before the operation, the eyes were washed according to the routine, and the skin was disinfected with 0.025 volume fraction iodophor. Instruct the patient to raise his head. The general anesthesia patient is assisted by the nurse to spread two treatment towels under the patient's head, one on the head of the operation bed, the other covering the patient's head smoothly and fixed with towel forceps. Cover two sterile treatment towels around the eyes, fix them with towel forceps, cover the sterile eye drape on the patient with a flat surface, and pay attention to the accuracy of the two eyes of the patient. The operation can be performed by opening the side eyelet cover before operation.

3. Application advantages

The surgical drape has the advantages of simple manufacture, convenient use, large coverage area, suitable eyelet size, and is not easy to move. There are two eyelets on the ophthalmic surgical drape. Before the operation, the patient's side cover can be opened to expose the eyes. The operation of the left and right eyes is convenient.

Hefei C&P Nonwoven Products Co.,Ltd. provides you with disposable ophthalmic surgical drape, which can be used directly, saving you the production time. And our eye drape is safe and sterile, which can play a good role in isolation and avoid cross infection.

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