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Six steps to pack the surgical packs

According to the shape of sterile surgical gowns and disposable surgical drapes , through repeated folding, a bending path is formed to close the packaging, which blocks the entry of microorganisms. The packaging of disposable surgical gowns and disposable surgical drapes is designed as a sterile barrier system. The packaging is the part that directly contacts with the product and forms the microbial barrier.

1. Place the packing materials on the operation platform in a rectangle, and place the goods to be packed in the center of the materials;

2. Fold a part of the right wrapping cloth of the package, and then cover the whole operation bag with the right wrapping cloth;

3. Fold the cloth on the left side of the package in the same way;

4. Fold the bottom cloth in half, and then fold it up to cover the lower part of the article to form a folding wing;

5. Fold the cloth on the top of the package in the same way;

6. Seal the package with sterilization instruction tape.

Our medical surgical drape packs are compactly folded in strip easily open to shape, it can saves time for surgery. Disposable surgical drapes can absorb water on one side and waterproof on the other side to prevent the spread of bacteria , which can help the successful completion of the operation.

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